Kim Kardashian's little sister Kendall Jenner has an unusual tip for staying in shape

There’s no denying Kendall Jenner has a stunning figure and now the 18-year-old has revealed exactly how she stays in shape.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star revealed that she guzzles a dozen cups of lemongrass-green tea blended Kusmi Detox Tea in order to rid her body of toxins.

On top of that Kim Kardashian‘s half-sister chomps down on apples when she gets the urge to snack and makes the bulk of her meals fruit, vegetables and lean proteins so she looks good on runaways.

The rest of her healthy outlook is less bizarre with the style star telling E! News she gets at least ‘seven hours, eight hours of sleep to function’ and runs to get her exercise fix.

She handled her questioning rather well after it was reported Kendall tackled a case of the green-monster recently back stage at Fashion Week as fellow models reportedly took against her and some fashionistas even labelled her ‘fat’!

Kendall isn’t the only one to adopt slightly odd methods for a slimline figure. Check out five other stars who jump on the weird diet bandwagon…

1)  Victoria Beckham
VB has been rumoured to take many a bizarre method to maintain her trim physique, but one she has admitted to is chomping on… bee pollen! Mrs David Beckham shared a Twitter snap of a bag which contains plenty of vitamins and minerals plus amino. So if you’re looking to up your amino acids and carotenes, buy a packet and sprinkle this on your porridge.

The 40-year-old also tweeted a snap of her lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper drink from Juice Crafters, a trendy LA establishment selling cold-pressed yumminess.

She captioned the snap: ‘This cayenne pepper gets u going after an early morning work out! X vb’
The fashion designer isn’t the only one preaching about the wonders of the spicy and zesty drink with a dash of maple syrup.

Beyoncé Knowles reportedly lost 22lbs from drinking nothing but the bevvy for 10 days. We wouldn’t recommend anyone that doesn’t have an entourage to do everything for them trying this out for too long, as you’ll soon run out of energy!

2) Christina Aguilera
Xtina’s weight has fluctuated throughout the years as we’ve watched her go from teen popstar to mother. And now the singer, 33, keeps her curves looking lovely by eating foods of one colour. Eh?

Yes the musician follows an odd routine where you only eat foods of the same hue starting with white, then red, green, orange, purple, yellow, before doing everything else. Apparently the strange method helps those seeking weight loss to fill up on more veggies.

3) Megan Fox
Get the shots in! Not of the alcoholic kind, sadly, but apple cider vinegar. Although the Transformers actress would probably be more likely to puke from downing vinegar than sambuca! Megan, 28, loves taking regular doses of what she should be throwing all over her fish and chips so she can reduce water weight and cleanse her body. We’re not sure it’s all that worth it to be honest.

4) January Jones
Yummy mummies there’s only one way, um, to shrink your uterus and achieve that flat stomach post-birth, according to this Mad Men star.

January, 36, squeezed back into her high-waisted jeans after giving birth to son Xander by taking placenta pills. Fans of the Kardashians would have also seen Kourtney claim eating your own placenta is great for the bod and at one point tried to get her whole family to dig in for dinner. Ew!

5) Gwyneth Paltrow
Her children Apple and Moses may have come out of nappies years ago but this actress can still be found looking at the baby food section of the supermarket aisles aparently.

Gwyn, 41, likes to keep her body in low toxicity mode by swallowing tiny pots of puree containing under 150 calories only. It might be acceptable on set in LA LA Land but we don’t think that would go down well in offices around the UK.

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Leah Simpson