TV star says she's struggling to kick the habit

Kerry Katona has admitted that she’s still smoking and having the occasional drink despite being 4 months pregnant.

The TV star was snapped having a crafty fag outside a pub in Warrington, Cheshire recently and was heavily criticised for acting irresponsibly.

The star claims she’s cut down dramatically since she discovered she was expecting but has struggled to kick the habit entirely.

‘I was on 20 a day before I was pregnant,’ she reveals.

‘But I have cut it down to one. First thing in the morning I like a little puff on a fag. I don’t think a couple of puffs are going to do that much damage. I think I’ve done really well cutting down.’

But the 27-year-old mum-of-three – who’s expecting her second child with second hubby Mark Croft, 35, next year – denies she downed 4 Martinis and a vodka on the night she was snapped.

‘It’s nonsense,’ she tells Star magazine.

‘I did have a drink – I had two. But if I go out with my mates, I’m fine.’