Reality TV star thinks he's lost his looks


Kerry Katona has slammed Darren Day for putting on a few pounds.

The reality TV star, 27, thinks his extra weight and floppy hair is a sign he’s let himself go.

‘When I saw recent pictures of Darren Day I couldn’t believe it,’ she says.

‘He looks like a fat estate agent! [And his hair] looks like his mum’s shoved a pudding bowl on his head and cut it.

‘He’s clearly loving his food – or maybe he’s just in love…’

Despite poking fun at Darren, Kerry says she wishes the papers would stop commenting on her figure.

‘There were loads of pictures in the press of me looking like I’ve put on weight. It’s making me really paranoid and I feel really unattractive,’ she tells OK!.

‘I will try and sort it out and get my figure back, but God knows when.’


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