After dumping Adam Waldron, Kerry Katona finds a fit new bloke


Kerry Katona is excited about meeting kick-boxer Scott ‘Too Hot’ Gibson, 29, on, though she knows he’s not ready for a steady relationship.

The pair have had their first date and are keeping in touch by text, but Kerry also seems to be having a change of heart about dumping painter and decorator Adam Waldron.

‘Everyone knows that they’ve been in contact since they split,’ a friend tells Now.

‘Recently, Adam‘s been feeling really confident that they’ll get back together again after she told him that she only dumped him because she felt pressured to focus on her career and family rather than their relationship.

Adam‘s told her that she’s “the one” and she’s said the same thing to him, so that’s why he’s holding out hope.

‘But all his mates are really worried about this set up.

‘They think he’s being royally strung along and he just can’t see it.

‘They’ve tried to warn him but he’s not listening.

Adam thinks that if she didn’t still have feelings for him then she wouldn’t have invited him and his family to her 30th birthday next month.

‘They say that he’s acting like a shadow of his former self.’

They’re concerned at how, having spent three months all over each other, Kerry, 29, dropped Adam like a hot potato last month, saying that she didn’t love him and was annoyed by his drinking.

The split came only a few weeks after she was reportedly telling friends that she was head over heels in love with the 33-year-old.

Read the full story about Kerry Katona and Adam Waldron in Now Magazine dated 30 August 2010 – out now!

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