Kez's followers are not happy!


Kerry Katona is no stranger to controversy, and unfortunately she’s been at the centre of drama again this week.

Kerry Katona

The 38-year-old sparked concern when she took to Instagram to tell fans the details of a breeder of puppies.


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Along with an adorable photo of a pooch, Kez included a link to an Instagram page where fans could enquire about buying their own furry friend.

But instead of finding the post cute, followers were quick to slam the former Atomic Kitten star for not researching puppy farming before she shared it on social media – jumping to some dramatic, and unfounded, conclusions in the process.

‘There are shelters crammed with beautiful animals in need of a home. Absolutely wrong to publicise a puppy farm or the backyard breeding of ANY animals,’ slammed one fan.

Another agreed: ‘Really? Promotion of breeders and puppy farms? What a way to use your fame! Shame on you!’

While a third insisted: ‘ADOPT!!!!!,’ and a fourth added: ‘Please don’t encourage puppy farming 😞😢.’

One fan even stopped following Kerry following the post, as they slammed: ‘Unfollowed. I have always supported you but this is too far. You should do your research on puppy farming before advertising.’

But the company which Kerry was supporting – called Luxury Frenchies & Pugs World – have been quick to hit back at the criticism, as they shared their very own message on the snap.

In a fiery response, they clarified: ‘For the people commenting that we are puppy farmers, nice to see you have taken the time to do your research to confirm your crazy thoughts.

‘If you actually take the time to look at our page you will see most of the time we are sharing pics of other quality and beautiful pups not all the dogs have been bred by us, we just enjoy sharing beautiful puppy pictures.

‘Also we love our dogs, they all have amazing lives and don’t end up in rescue homes.’

They finally added: ‘Lastly just because someone breeds dogs doesn’t necessarily mean that they are puppy farmers, I welcome anyone to come and see my dogs in person, no puppy farm here.’