Kerry Katona and George Kay spent a week and a half apart before reconciling

It hasn’t been an easy time for Kerry Katona lately. She announced she was bankrupt first in 2008 then again in 2013, then went on to have some very public battles with her husband George Kay – last year, he was hospitalised after suffering a steroid-induced breakdown in the street, and in July this year, he moved out of their new Sussex home after having an attack of Bell’s Palsy.

Kerry and George insist their troubles are now behind them, though. In a new interview with OK!, the couple describe how George’s Bell’s Palsy – which causes temporary paralysis in facial muscles – led to arguments, as George struggled to cope with losing the use of the right side of his face.

‘I’m vain – when one side of my face wasn’t working it felt like the end of the world to me,’ reveals George. ‘I wasn’t a nice person to live with. I was being very negative and it was causing a lot of rows.’

But Kerry insists that the Bell’s Palsy didn’t affect how she sees George. ‘Even with half his face not working, he’s still better looking than all my exes put together!’ she says.

To come to terms with his condition, George moved out of the house so he could ‘get back to being George’ – but according to Kerry, it was like he was never away. The couple kept in regular contact during the week-and-a-half he was staying with a friend, and George said that hearing his one-year-old daughter Dylan-Jorge’s voice on the phone made him realise he wanted his family back.

Kerry and George called in a relationship counsellor after he moved back in, who they say made them realise they were ‘madly in love’ with each other.

‘George has realised his family is more important than his face, and we’ll work through things,’ says Kerry, who insists their marriage is ‘worth fighting for’.

Let’s hope this is an end to their troubles, and that George makes a speedy recovery.

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