Kerry Katona has opened up about a battle with self harm and suicidal tendencies.


Kerry Katona has opened up to reveal heartbreaking private battle with self harm- and movingly, how her children gave her the strength to avoid cutting her wrists.

The 35-year-old has endured an open struggle with depression, bipolar disorder and drug addiction during her previous years. However, the ex-Atomic Kitten singer was not-so-open about one other demon, which heartbreakingly happened to be self harm and suicidal tendencies.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Kerry revealed that although she had considered the prospect of self harm, she restrained from it because it would have meant damaging the tattoos of her children’s names- ‘If I was ever to do that it would mean cutting through my kids’ names. And what a selfish mother I would be to do that’.

Kerry, who is a mother to five, continued ‘Like any mother, my first love and priority are my children, above everything and everybody’.

For Kerry, it was during her troubled 4-year second marriage to Mark Croft that she found herself the most troubled.

And, in a heartbreaking confession, Kerry admits the only escape she could consider was killing herself- ‘I was thinking, ‘How can I get out of this? I’m stuck. The best way to end all this is to end my own life’.

It was after attending health and well-being boot-camp, GI Jane, in Kent that Kerry managed to find the strength to end her 4-year marriage to Mark. She credits the programme for ‘changing my life’, elaborating it ‘was the first time I had been away from my husband…If I hadn’t gone I’d probably be dead now – I would have overdosed or something’.

Kerry now aids the camp that saved her life in giving inspirational seminars, promoting the success in the programme.

Now married to third husband George Kay, we’re really glad things seem to be on the up after an incredible battle for Kerry.

Alice Perry