TV star determined to stay fit for unborn baby

Kerry Katona has hired a food expert to fix her unhealthy lifestyle.

The expectant mum – who has been heavily criticised for smoking while pregnant – is determined to sort herself out for the sake of her unborn baby and is taking the advice of nutritionist Sally Bee.

‘I had a health scare a few weeks ago and it was then I realised I needed to pull out all of the stops,’ Kerry reveals.

‘I heard about Sally through a friend. So as soon as I came out of hospital I called her and we hit it off.’

And now the 27-year-old’s on a strict diet which cuts out additives, chemicals, preservatives, fizzy drinks – and most importantly nicotine.

‘I’ve got more energy than I have ever had at this stage of a pregnancy,’ Kerry tells the Daily Star.

‘And my hair, skin and nails have never been in better condition. It’s about making myself healthier for the sake of my baby and keeping my energy up so I can continue working.’

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Alison Adey