She wants lipo, but Mark tells her to work out in the garden instead


After starting 2009 slender and toned thanks to surgery, Kerry Katona‘s now desperate to go under the knife again.

But that won’t be any time soon as she’s so hard-up she could face eviction from her home later this month.

Kerry, 29, is three months in mortgage arrears and is still registered insolvent, despite claims that she’s shifted her bankruptcy debts.

Her response has been to avoid facing reality and pile on the pounds. As a result, hubby Mark Croft has told 
the size 14 star in no uncertain terms: ‘If you want to lose weight, go and run around outside!’

A source close to Kerry tells Now: ‘She’s been quite down recently and spent a lot of time just sitting in her room, drinking wine and smoking fags.

‘She orders a curry most nights, too, and has shot up to more than 11st. It’s a far 
cry from how she started last year as a confident and sexier-looking size 10.

Kerry‘s desperate to have more lipo to slim her stomach and thighs down. But Mark‘s fed up with her not bringing in the money she used to – conveniently forgetting about the millions she’s spent on him over the years.’

Mark now goes out to work while Kerry‘s at home looking after Molly, eight, Lilly-Sue, seven, Heidi, two, and Maxwell, one. And he’s made it clear he won’t put any money Kerry‘s way for surgery.

Last time, it was the clinic that footed the £15,000 bill for ops on her saggy boobs, jelly belly and thighs.

Mark says it’s down to Kerry‘s laziness that she’s the size she is,’ adds our source. ‘Sometimes she’ll just shout down from her room for Mark to phone the Indian takeaway and won’t even go downstairs to eat it. Her diet’s terrible.’

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