The troubled star's slowly piling on pounds after secretly gorging on junk food


Kerry Katona may appear to be winning the battle to get her life back on track, but in reality she’s struggling to maintain her new image.

Kerry, 29, who dramatically dropped from size 16 to size 10 earlier this year,  is finding it nearly impossible to keep her trim figure.

She’s put on weight since a recent Spanish holiday when she started a cycle of secretly bingeing on junk food one day, then eating hardly anything the next.

‘Until now, Kerry’s worked hard to get her body and life to where it is, but fighting her true nature has become too challenging,’ says an insider.

‘She can’t get shot of her old ways overnight. She loves sushi and her fridge is full of healthy, tasty food. But she’s bored with that and has already put on at least 4lb bingeing on fry-ups and sweets.’

According to friends, although the weight gain’s making her miserable, Kerry’s ignoring the advice of expert nutritionists because she misses her stodge too much.

‘Kerry hates the weight creeping up, but keeps fooling herself that the odd treat doesn’t hurt,’ reveals a friend.

‘One day she has a fry-up or bacon butty for breakfast, steak or chicken and chips for lunch and pasta for tea, with alcohol or Coke. The following day she eats salad with no dressing – then moans that it’s disgusting.’

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