The reality star admits she still has feelings for her first husband

Kerry Katona admits that she still hasn’t got over her divorce from Brian McFadden.

The mum-of-four realised she still had feelings for the former Westlife star the day after she dumped latest boyfriend Adam Waldron.

came over and we got on like a house on fire!’ she reveals.

‘As soon as I saw him I realised I never got over him – he was my knight in shining armour. I’ll never go back there but I’ll always love Brian.’

Kerry, 29, hasn’t had the chance to speak properly to her ex-husband, 30, since their break-up.

Brian ended our marriage on the phone and I didn’t see him for three months after that so I never grieved over him, he just disappeared, and then I got on with my life,’ she tells OK!

‘I tried to replace Brian with Mark and when I saw him I thought, I never really got over you! But I’m glad we are friends now.’

Kerry and Brian got married in 2002 and divorced in 2006. They have two daughters,  Molly, 8, and Lilly-Sue, 7.

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Yasmin Evans