Kerry's working hard to get back down to 7st 4lb


After losing more than 3st in 12 months, most people would put their feet up for a peppermint tea and a rice cake.

But Kerry Katona’s not one to sit on her smaller, perkier bum and relax.

As well as rehearsing five days a week for her Dancing On Ice debut in January, the mum of four is preparing for another TV comeback after signing a deal with ITV2 for a fly-on-the-wall reality show.

And as the transformation of our Kez from troubled lass to superwoman looks set to be complete by spring 2011, sources close to the former size 14 star have told Now that she’s determined to lose 7-8lb by Christmas, taking her to 7st 4lb – tiny for her 5ft 3in frame.

Kerry’s literally worked her butt off,’ reveals a source.

‘As well as the gruelling rehearsals, she’s at the gym or running near her home six days a week. She’s
in the best shape of her life but wants to go that little bit further.’

Our mole also tells us the bipolar blonde is looking into diet supplements.

Kerry’s a huge fan of Kim Kardashian,’ reveals a source, ‘and Kim Tweets about them all the time.

Kerry’s keen to shift the final few pounds, so she’s thinking she might try diet supplements. She wants to get Kim’s curvy shape and tiny waist. ‘

As well as wearing special cellulite-busting trainers, Kerry has taken her weight-loss health kick to another level.

Kerry’s the first to admit she has an addictive personality,’ reveals a source.

‘She’s replaced her drug habit with a healthier addiction to exercise. She looks amazing. Kerry doesn’t need to lose any more weight but she says she wants to weigh the same as she did at the age of 19, back in her Atomic Kitten days.’

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