She fights to keep her ‘boot camp fling’


Last week, Now exposed Kerry Katona for chasing after personal trainer Kevin Green and his fellow Royal Marine Steve Lockton 
on two separate boot camps in July 2009 and this January.

It’s Kevin who Kerry, 29, still has her eye on. She’s kept in touch with him and is refusing to take no for an answer now that she’s dumped her husband Mark Croft for good.

Our source says: ‘Even for Kerry and Mark, there seems to be too much water under the bridge for any hope of reconciliation. The boot camp in January changed everything in Kerry‘s eyes.’

Mark, 39, has accused Kerry of meeting up secretly with Kevin, 29, in Wales and Portsmouth.

‘Kerry told me that she was at an interview in London about the fat camp, when really she’d been with him,’ 
he told a tabloid last week.

‘Another time Kerry said she’d been out with a friend in Warrington, so she’d stayed 
at her mum’s. But she’d really met him in Wales.’

Both Kerry and Kevin say that nothing happened.

Read the full story about Kerry Katona in Now magazine dated 22 March – out now!  

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Chris White