Reality TV star says the singer needs bigger boobs


Kerry Katona has revealed that she wishes Lily Allen would keep her boobs to herself!

The singer was at the Cannes Film Festival last week and was often pictured topless – and even bottomless on one occasion.

But Kerry thinks her figure doesn’t cut it.

‘Lily Allen has been stripping off left right and centre lately,’ she rants.

‘I’ve seen more of her boobs and belly than my own lately. Apparently she was chuffed that she’d made it onto Page 3 – but sorry, Lily, you haven’t really got the right assets. You need bigger boobs than that!’

Nor is Kerry, 26, a fan of Sienna Miller‘s new look for her role as The Baroness in GI Joe.

‘I’ve seen pictures of [her] with brown hair and, if you ask me, the colour really doesn’t do her any favours.

‘I think it makes her look washed-out and drab. She needs to get the bleach bottle out sharpish!’


Alison Adey