Kerry wants to take a leaf out of TV presenter Lorraine Kelly's book...

This week’s guest columnist, Kerry Katona fills us in on returning to boot camp, her Celebs Go Dating stint, and what she thinks of ITV’s Lorraine Kelly avoiding a hefty £1.2 million tax bill…

kerry katona

I’m in a great relationship… with myself!

I’ve walked away from Celebs Go Dating in a really great relationship… with myself!

It was an amazing experience, but no wonder I just got married all the time – all that dating is hard work!

The experience has taught me that I don’t need anybody.

I didn’t find it hard to be by myself before, but I just wanted that dream of being a mum and wife and having that ‘2.5 kids’ family, so I kept bringing a man into my life as I thought that’s what the children needed. But I’m more 
than enough for them!

Back to boot camp

I first went to boot camp 
a decade ago with a magazine, and now I’m back. The exercise is good for your mental health, which is where it all starts for me, and then losing weight is 
a added bonus!


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I never weigh myself – all that matters is if I feel good in my head.

Thanks, Lorraine!

TV presenter Lorraine Kelly avoided 
a £1.2m tax bill, as she claimed she’s playing an actress on her show, Lorraine.

I’m confused she got away with this, but fair, b****y play to her! I know what I’m saying on my next tax bill. Thanks for the tip, Lorraine!

‘I’ve put my kids off dating!’

Victoria Beckham’s 16-year-old son Romeo is rumoured to be dating actress Millie Bobbie Brown, 15.

None of my kids are dating, which I’m happy about. My Lilly [16] isn’t interested. She said, ‘Why the heck would I get a boyfriend, it’s just a distraction!’

I think I’ve put them off dating for life! But we’ve all been 16.

As long as they’re safe and not doing it on a street corner or in the park like I did when 
I was at that young age!

‘Social media is fake!’

It’s been reported that the number of social media posts glamorising eating disorders is spiralling.

Social media is fake, and it’s about teaching your kids to take it all with a pinch of salt.

kerry katona

One thing I teach my kids is other people’s opinion of you is none of your business.

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