The Atomic Kitten star and TV personality has given advice to her followers


If you’ve been paying attention to Kerry Katona over the past year or so, you’ll see that she may be happier than ever right now.

However, she’s had her fair share of heartache, and battled demons throughout her years, and has been open about her various struggles with mental health.

And now, the mum-of-five has given some advice from the heart to fans who may be dealing with their own internal battles.

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Kerry, 36, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2005, and has also opened up about suffering with depression.

Since then, she’s been working hard to live a full life and treat her health accordingly, taking regular medication and using exercise to help her feel better. And on Friday morning (19th May), Atomic Kitten star Kerry took to Instagram to share the positive benefits of walking and exercise with a positive video, titled ‘Here to say your not alone’ (sic).

Here to say your not alone 😘😘😘🙏🙏🙏

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‘Good morning all, it’s a beautiful day,’ she began her message. ‘I’m feeling better – haven’t been myself these last few days.

‘The weather’s beautiful, I’ve been out for a walk, which is really good for mental health.

‘Did a little bit of yoga, and I’ve noticed that when I don’t do my walking, or any kind of training, it kinda brings me down and I get really, really low.

‘So all those who do suffer, it’s really good to try and get out there and have a walk.’

Well said, Kerry!

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Her fans have been there through thick and thin, and didn’t hesitate to commend her on speaking out, with many mentioning how much good her words could do for others who struggle with similar issues.

‘Glad you’re feeling better beautiful lady, you should be so proud of yourself for opening up about your mental health,’ replied one fan, while another chimed in: ‘Good girl! I find it therapeutic to walk too clears the mind and body.’

Glad to see she’s taking great care of herself!