Former Atomic Kitten reveals she went without sleep for five days

Kerry Katona has admitted she once went for five days without sleep during a cocaine binge.

‘I just remember feeling all jolly and people coming round to the house and it being like a bit of a party,’ she says.

‘But I look back and think it was madness. Those people are out of my life now.’

The former Atomic Kitten, 26, also admitted her relationship with her estranged husband Brian McFadden has deteriorated.

‘We don’t talk,’ she admits ‘I spoke to him briefly a month ago about the house, but apart from that, nothing.

‘I’d love to be Brian’s best mate. I’d like to have a great relationship with Brian but he doesn’t want to.’

And the star revealed she will marry her current boyfriend Mark Croft – whose child she is carrying – when her divorce from Brian is finalised.

‘I’m dead unfunctional without him,’ she insists. ‘He’s kind of become my manager. It’s like someone’s looking after me for a change.’