Kerry Katona on surgery, turning 40, and why she’s no longer looking for love...

When it comes to having cosmetic procedures, Kerry Katona insists she would never touch her face, despite the growing number of celebrities having non-surgical facelifts and lip fillers.

kerry katona

But she isn’t shy in admitting she’d have pretty much anything else done, as long as it’s on offer.

‘I’ll have it all on me, as long as it’s free,’ she jokes with us when we catch up with her at the 10th anniversary of Beauty Box Skin Clinic by Maggie.


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Despite having gone under the knife multiple times to have liposuction, a tummy tuck and four boob jobs, Kerry says: ‘I don’t like messing with my face because it’s your face. You f**k that up and then you’re in s**t.’

kerry katona

As surgery is off the table, the 38-year-old credits her good genes for keeping her young, telling us: ‘I’m not a very vain person. I just use face wipes and moisturiser. Touch wood I have been blessed with good skin.’

When we spoke to Kerry earlier this year, she told us she was worried about ageing, as she’s ‘scared’ of leaving her 
five children behind.

However, since she appeared on E4’s Celebs Go Dating, Kerry seems to have had a sudden change of heart.

After sarcastically thanking us for reminding her, she tells us: ‘I’m actually looking forward turning 40. I feel really liberated!

‘It’s taken me this long to get to where 
I am, but I’m in 
a really good place 
now where I’ve really started to love myself.’

She might not have found love on the dating show, but Kerry – who has been married three times – has certainly gained a lot of confidence.

Kerry Katona

On one episode, the mum-of-five broke down in tears over her first marriage to Westlife singer Brian McFadden.

She said: ‘The only time I was ever in love was with my first husband… Brian was the only love of my life and it all went downhill from there.’

Fast-forward to the present day and Kerry appears a lot happier with her single status, telling us: ‘I have learnt that I don’t need anybody!’

But does she still worry she’ll never find one?

‘I think I’ve found many ones. It’s been very well documented!’ she laughs, before adding: ‘I don’t know, but I’m in no rush. I’m happy being me and with my children.’

You’re doing great, Kerry!