George died earlier this month

Kerry Katona has slammed claims that she is ‘glad’ her ex-husband George Kay is dead.

The former Atomic Kitten singer said her words had been completely ‘twisted’ after she gave her first interview since news of his death broke.

Responding to the headlines, Kerry wrote a very lengthy Instagram post on Sunday morning, she said: ‘Let me make this very very very clear… in no way shape or form am I GLAD my husband is dead!!!!

‘I feel my words have been completely and utterly twisted to make a headline!!! George was someone’s son, brother and daddy!

‘Don’t get me wrong George put the fear of god into me and the kids and I stand by putting safeguards in to place for myself and my children! Which anyone who went through what we did would do the same!

‘But NEVER EVER would I be GLAD someone, even more so my husband who I once loved with all my heart is dead!!!’

She continued: ‘I did this interview wanting to touch on mental health, drug addiction and Domestic abuse for men, women and children but I feel it reads completely in the wrong direction!

‘My heart is broken and I am struggling to come to terms with all of this!!’


Saying it ‘kills’ to know her daughter might see the headline, Kerry added: ‘These last few weeks have been the most painful and difficult time for me and my children!!

‘In the last 6 weeks of his life George was arrested and hospitalised several times it was inevitable that one day the drugs would get the better of him which I am completely broken about!

‘More so for our beautiful baby girl who we created together and who I will be completely and forever grateful to him for!

‘While we were together I did EVERYTHING in my power to help but you can not help someone who doesn’t want it!!

‘I’d give anything for the outcome of George’s life to of been different, I wish he found the strength to sort his life out and be here today! But I am not responsible for his actions!!’

She concluded: ‘No about of words can express the pain we are all in! I know he will be at peace now more so then he ever was on this earth!’

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Kerry married George in 2014 before the pair got divorced in 2017.

The couple had daughter Dylan-George, who is now five-years-old, during their time together.

George died aged 39 on Saturday July 6 after allegedly eating a large amount cocaine in front of staff at a Holiday Inn hotel in Cheshire.