The Hollywood star answers your email questions...

What’s been your scariest moment?
Leanne, Newcastle

I think 9/11 was the scariest time. It was being a New Yorker, seeing the world changing and looking at our sense of safety. We all felt that and it was frightening.

Is it true that you can play the bongos?
Jane Eversleigh, Southampton

Yeah, I play ’em in the nude, like Matthew McConaughey. I loved that story about him getting busted for playing the bongos naked!

What’s the funniest offer you’ve ever had from a fan?
Lindsay Vine, Chester

I met a woman from Texas one time and she invited me over to her house. When she opened the door, she was standing there in a negligée, her underwear and these really high cowboy boots. She said: ‘I had trouble getting my boots off.’ True story.

Which three things would you take with you to a desert island?
Emma Houghton, Peterborough

I love my guitars – they’re beautiful things. I find acoustic guitars very sexual because they’re shaped like a woman. Electric guitars are a bit more phallic. My iPod rocks, I just love it. I put all sorts of shit on it. Then I guess I’d have to say one of my conga drums or a nice bongo.

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