Is Khloe Kardashian taking it too far to get the figure of her dreams?

Khloé Kardashian has embarked on a two-year journey to transform her body after being cruely called ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’ compared to sisters Kim and Kourtney. The star, who’s shed a stone in the past three months, reveals: ‘I work out five days a week – I bust my ass.’ But she’s been warned she’s putting her health in danger after admitting to drinking six litres of water a day. Blimey! We’d be on the loo for half the day at that rate!

Khloé, 30, says: ‘I try to consume about five-six litres of water a day. Based on my body weight and how much I work out, this number was given to me by a nutritionist. Of course, this doesn’t happen every single day, but the point is I try.’

But according to Amanda Ursell, author of The Complete Guide To Healing Foods, this seems alot. I’m surprised she’s not getting water toxicity,’ she says.

‘Water toxicity is sometimes seen in marathon runners and can be fatal. Water intoxication can cause brain cells to swell, causing breathing problems.’

Excessive water consumption can also cause nutrients in the body to become so diluted that organs such as the heart and kidneys can’t function properly.  ‘A healthy daily amount is 1.2-1.8ltr,’ says Amanda. ‘Don’t forget, we also get it from food, tea and coffees.’

Khloe is quite open in showing how much she works out at the gym, often posting selfies on her Instagram lifting weights, on the cycle machine and doing resistance training.

But even personal trainer Ollie Frost, has concerns. ‘Drinking lots of water won’t help you lose weight, diet and exercise will. I don’t recommend this at all,’ he says.

Her hard work at the gym has seen her get that infamous ‘Kardashian bum’, however. Many have speculated that the reality star – who was married to Lamar Odom – has had implant but she has denied the claims.

Is side bum the new selfie trend?