Khloe's 'Revenge Body' is surely working wonders

Celebrity breakups are all too common, and in the interests of ‘saving face’, plenty of us are used to seeing the rich and famous claiming to no longer care about their ex-partners, let alone entertaining the idea of getting back together.

However, it seems that this isn’t so common when your ex is not only a Kardashian, but the new owner of a super fit body – as Lamar Odom has very frankly admitted to wanting Khloe Kardashian back!

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Though they remain on good terms, Khloe and former basketball star Lamar had their divorce finalised just last month (December), after a three-year separation period. Notably, Khloe was by her estranged husband’s side when in October 2015 he was hospitalised after being found unconscious in a brothel.

Despite their close relationship, they never reconnected romantically – and clearly, this is a major regret of Lamar’s, as he’s openly made a plea to win her affections back once more. Having recently completed a stint in rehab, Lamar, 37, will soon feature in reality show The Doctors to open up about his life after treatment.

‘I want my wife back’ (CBS)

And in a promo for the show, which aired on TV on Thursday (12th January), Lamar made the shock claim.

‘Going forward, when you look at your life ahead of you, what are you looking forward to?’ Dr Travis Stork asked Lamar, to which he replied:

‘Honestly? I want my wife back.’

But sadly for Lamar, it looks like he’ll have some competition as she’s currently very loved up with new beau Tristan Thompson. Thirty-two-year-old Khloe even went as far as telling James Corden earlier this week that they’re using the ‘L’ word – so sadly for Lamar, he may have missed his opportunity this time around.

Coincidentally, the feisty reality star has recently launched a new show called Revenge Body – all about getting fit in order to spite those who’ve wronged you in the past. Bizarre concept though it may be, judging by Lamar’s very open pining, Khloe may really be on to something…