Kid says Tommy deserved what he got

Kid Rock has revealed why he took a pop at love rival Tommy Lee at the MTV Music Awards.

The pair, both ex-husbands of Pamela Anderson, have never been the best of friends.

‘There was a lot of years of disrespect,’ says Kid. ‘Tommy was always just a pain in the ass.’

Kid, 36, claims he’d finally had enough when he received an abusive email from Tommy, 44 – and became determined to have his revenge.

‘I just emailed Tommy back and said: “You know, I will see you again”,’ he explains.

And see him he did – punching him square in the face when he saw him chatting to Pam at the bash in Las Vegas.

‘The guy was sitting pretty much in my seat,’ Kid tells the Sun. ‘That was it. I did the same thing any other man would have done.’

Alison Adey