Pricey brings the party, wherever she is

Kieran Hayler‘s growing social media has become a source of joy for all Katie Price fans, hoping to get an extra slice of action from their day-to-day antics.

And a recent live Instagram stream didn’t disappoint, as it had Kieran sneakily filming his beloved as she appeared to ‘get drunk’ and ’embarrass’ her kids during a family road trip.

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Katie, 38, and 30-year-old Kieran took the family to Birmingham to watch a charity football match on Saturday (13th May), and after the festivities they took some time out to unwind, as they travelled home in a ‘horse box’ – and it’s clear that Katie was ready to let her hair down as she danced to music and swigged on some homemade ‘Skittle vodka’.

Unfortunately for her, she didn’t seem notice that hubby Kieran was busy making her a must-see spectacle on his Instagram live feed.

‘Jordan’s coming back, isn’t she?’ Kieran teased, referring to her glamour model persona of the Nineties and early Noughties – to which second-eldest son Junior jumped in with: ‘No, Jordan is never coming back!’

Soon, after Junior grabs the bottle and jokes that she’s ‘drunk’, Katie realises that Kieran’s busy making his own version of You’ve Been Framed, and calls him out…

Katie Price catches Kieran filming (Instagram/kieranhayler)

‘What are you filming? Why do you keep embarrassing me?’ TV star Katie is heard to ask, before a clearly entertained Kieran replies simply: ‘Sometimes you deserve it.’

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‘You know she’s drunk when she squints her eyes and then opens them wide,’ Junior chirps in another point in the video, while Katie’s eldest daughter Princess appears to make a ‘crazy’ gesture about her.

Katie’s infamous for knowing how to have a good time – so it’s not surprising that her nearest and dearest know all her tell-tale signs of being all partied out! Here’s to the next instalment of Kieran’s home videos – we can hardly wait…