Could this be the straw that breaks the Hayler’s back?

We love Kieran Hayler’s Instagram posts as much as you do. Showing us his lovely life with his children Jett, 3, and Bunny, 2, and hilarious dogs Tink and Kevin, he knows how to keep his fans entertained.

But with recent headlines in the newspapers involving his wife Katie Price, 38, and her cheeky shenanigans out in Miami, some of his fans have expressed worry about the effect they could be having on 30-year-old Kieran.

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He posted on Instagram Tuesday morning a picture of him sitting at a pond with the caption: ‘Sometimes you have to take a minute, sit down, and clear your head!!!!!’

Sometimes you have to take a minute, sit down, and clear your head!!!!! 🦆🦆🐸🐸🐟🐟

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Have the rumours all got too much for Kieran? It’s not like he’s sitting around doing nothing, he has plenty to keep him busy.

Every day he tends to all of the animals in the grounds of the family home, including alpacas, horses, chickens and sheep as well as walking the family’s two dogs and looking after the children. Something we are sure Katie is mighty grateful for when she’s away.

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Some of Kieran’s followers have slammed Katie’s saucy behaviour, with one saying: ‘I like Katie and hope she’s behaving, seems to me she keeps you as a babysitter most of the time. It’s a shame but she’s becoming Jordan again. It’s all about her at the moment. Time for her to grow up. Hopefully you’ll both be ok.’

However, plenty of others have told him not to let gossip bother him. One said:

‘Hope you ok 🙂 dont listen to the stupid media @officialkatieprice loves you to the moon and back for sure @officialkieranhayler

And another saying: ‘I wouldn’t worry about the photos love, the bloke is all over her not the other way round it’s much harder to push leeches away when you’ve had a couple x’

It’s not the first time Kieran has had to fight rumours in his marriage; but it must be hard to think what’s going on when your wife is thousands of miles away in another country and you’re stuck at home just watching the pictures keep coming. Sounds like taking some time out is exactly what he needs.