Since the news of Kanye West's hospitalisation had broken, the Kardashian-West family have been plagued with rumours of a split...

As 2016 began, we had absolutely no idea what we had got ourselves in for.

And, whilst this year has been jam packed with rather, *ahem*, ‘quirky’ attributes, we had never imagined ending the year without the continual social media presence of the queen of nude selfies.

Yup- the timeline has never been so heartbreakingly modest.

However, now two months after her traumatic Parisian ordeal, Kim K and husband Kanye West are very much absent from all social media and public events.

Whats going on?!


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After Kim was shockingly robbed at gunpoint in her Parisian hotel room, the mother-of-two had allegedly vowed to change her ways- shunning the nude selfie life for a much more low-key clothes-on one.

Following this horrific ordeal, Kim’s husband Kanye was unfortunately hospitalised- after launching a rather bizarre on stage rant.

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At the time of this coming to press, a police spokesperson had shared: At 13:20 pacific time, the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to an unspecified medical aid request’.

Although they did not directly name Kanye, the statement did confirm that ‘an adult male described as medically stable was taken to an area hospital for further assessment’.

Further allegations then alluded to Kanye receiving a psychiatric review, on the grounds of sleep deprivation and paranoia.

I ❤️ my family

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And, until recently, there was no word from the rest of the Kardashian’s as to the well being Kanye’s condition.

However, during her recent Victoria’s Secret runway gig, younger sis’ Kendall Jenner had confirmed his condition- sharing that the family had been ‘praying’ for him.

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There have been multiple rumours surrounding the marriage of Kim and Yeezy, with it being alleged that Kim was to ‘stand by Kanye as he gets treatment’.

However, this same report from New! magazine then shared, ‘But they will be divorced within six months…she no longer has the strength to support him’.

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These allegations have been shunned by a new report from TMZ however, as a family insider has confirmed that Yeezy is home and doing well.

The source shares, ‘He’s happy to be home with his family… He’s doing well. He spends his days resting’.

So yeah, hopefully we’ll see a full return from the Kardashian-West family onto our social media ASAP!

 Alice Perry