Kim Kardashian hopes her psoriasis doesn't flare up

Kim Kardashian – set to marry fiancé Kris Humphries later this month – is in pieces’ after developing psoriasis, a skin disease that affects over half a million people in the UK.

Sufferers develop angry red rashes all over their body as a result of skin cells being replaced faster than normal.

But while it is treatable with ointments, lotions and drugs, Kim’s friends tell Now she’s devastated by the diagnosis, especially so close to her wedding day.

‘She’s distraught,’ reveals a source.

‘Her doctor has told her to slow down her hectic lifestyle and reduce her stress levels but neither of those is a practical option.’

The multimillionairess, 30, revealed the condition on her reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, breaking down after a visit to her dermatologist.

While Kim’s basketball playing fiancé is unperturbed by her problem, the star is desperate for it not to blight her wedding day on 20 August.

Kim’s trying everything she can to reduce the blotches,’ a show source tells Now.

‘She’s looking into changing her diet and is trying herbal treatments.’

Read the full story about Kim Kardashian in Now magazine dated 8 August 2011 – out now!  

Now cover 8 August 2011

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