Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford's emotional campaign has touched stars including Kim Kardashian

Celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Zoella have teamed up to support an emotional custody campaign being fought by a Hollywood actress.

Kelly Rutherford – perhaps best known for playing Blake Lively‘s on-screen mum in Gossip Girl – has been locked in a dispute with her German ex-husband Daniel Giersch over their two children for several years. The kids were ordered by a California court to live with Daniel in Monaco in 2012 due to his arguing that, with his US visa having been revoked, he could no longer visit them in the States.

Now Kelly, 46, is recruiting a host of stars to sign a petition requesting that her son Hermés and daughter Helena are returned to her in the US and several big names have been quick to get involved.

Zoella re-Tweeted a message posted by Kelly‘s Gossip Girl co-star Ed Westwick encouraging everyone to add their names and wrote on Twitter: ‘consider it done 🙂 x’

The YouTube star’s famous blogging friends also got involved, with Zoella‘s boyfriend Alfie Deyes and fellow blog stars Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman all posting about the cause.

Kelly‘s petition needed 100,000 signatures to enable it to be reviewed by White House staff so Ed Westwick kept pushing for other celebs to help.

The cause received a particularly big boost when Kim Kardashian became aware of it. Reality star Kim – who has over 31 million followers on Twitter – spoke out after mum Kris Jenner shared the story with her.

‘I usually don’t get involved in other people’s lives especially if I don’t know them but this story I’ve been following &as a mom touched me,’ Kim, 34, told her social media fans.

‘I signed this petition bc I believe it’s the right thing to do & if u believe in it please sign it @KellyRutherford

‘I know I don’t know you @KellyRutherford but as a mom I feel your pain and I wish you the best of luck! I hope you see your babies soon!’

Kim‘s emotional message seemed to do the trick and soon the petition had received another names to be examined.

Kelly was touched by the celebrity support and admitted to Kim that her heartfelt response had made her cry.

‘@KimKardashian I am in tears. Thank you so much! From me and my kids! ❤️,’ the actress Tweeted.

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