So serious is Kanye West about becoming US President that the Wests are already making plans for their time in the White House. But what will their first few days look like? Now knows…

‘We’re in the White House, y’all!’

’The Pope’s just so cute. But it sucks that his car’s so slow – the paparazzi are totally getting up  my ass!’

‘Grabbing some FroYo with Queenie and I’m all about her tiara and sash vibes. So Dolce!’

‘Angela Merkel’s style is just a little too simple, so I’m gonna mix it up a bit with some Balmain. She’s gonna look dope’

‘Love sharing this special moment. I’m so blessed to be able to spread the love’ #Healing

These are just some of the things that we can image Kim Kardashian saying as first lady if and when Kanye West finally steps into the White House, fulfilling his dream of becoming President.

Check out some of our mocked up images of Kim as first lady above…

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