It’s safe to say that Kim Kardashian pretty much stole the show with her Halloween costume this year.

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The reality mega star channelled her inner lawyer and dressed up as Reece Witherspoon’s iconic character from the 2001 movie Legally Blonde- and she didn’t do it by halves.

Kim took her Elle Woods dress up super seriously, recreating multiple looks from the movie, which sees a seemingly not-so-smart blonde take on life at Harvard Law School in an attempt to win back her snobby ex boyfriend.


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Legally Blonde

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Rocking blonde locks, all pink outfits and even a doggy in her handbag, Kim posed for an Instagram snap, simply captioning it ‘Legally Blonde’.

In a second upload, Kim took extra to the next level, posting a recreation of an entire scene from the movie, acting out Elle’s Harvard admissions tape.

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Elle Woods Harvard Video Essay Elias Tahan video and editing Ricky Alvarez video and photo Lauren Drablier producer Chris Appleton hair Ash K Holm makeup Music: “One Girl Revolution” Superchick Courtesy of Whizbang, Inc. and Inpop Records

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We’re totally here for Kim’s solid dedication to her Halloween transformation. The mum-of-four learned the lines to the entire section of the film word for word and replicated the exact outfits worn by Reece. TOO GOOD.

In third upload, Kim can be seen flaunting her jaw dropping figure in a series of sparkly bikinis, as seen in the film, obviously.

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Harvard Law…. What? Like it’s hard???

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Making another iconic reference, she captioned the photos, ‘Harvard Law…. What? Like it’s hard???

Naturally, heaps of Kim’s 150 million followers went into meltdown over her outfit.

You did THAT 🙌,’ wrote one.

BRILLIANT YOU are a GENIUS!!!! No objection!💕💕💕💕,’ added another.

WTF THIS IS AMAZING,’ chipped in a third.