Kim Kardashian wants to look stunning for Kanye

Kim Kardashian is determined to regain her amazing figure after having daughter North.

Working with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson since Nori‘s birth in June, 32-year-old Kim‘s estimated to have lost an impressive 2st 12lb through healthy eating and cardio workouts.

On 16 September, Tracy praised Kim for taking the weight loss slowly, saying: ‘She’s a gorgeous woman…

‘It’s really important to carve out as much time as you can to reconnect to yourself and be realistic.

‘It’s a tough journey back.’

But we’re told Kim is now ‘in panic mode’ about losing the final 10lb and – despite Tracy‘s good advice – has started cutting out all carbs, including past, rice and potatoes, and even trying juicing detoxes.

Personal trainer and fat loss specialist Lisa Cunningham says: ‘It’s never a good idea to completely cut out any food groups, particularly when you’ve just had a baby and your body’s recovering.  

Kim should be focusing on a healthy, balanced diet incorporating low-GI carbs, smart fats and plenty of protein to get a balance of nutrients.

‘It’s fine to have a weight loss goal as long as it doesn’t compromise your overall health.’

Another Kardashian family insider tells Now: ‘Kim loves Kanye so much that she wants to look good for him, especially with this tour coming up.

‘She was hoping to join him on it but it’s still uncertain.

‘Everyone thinks that’s why she’s in a sudden panic.

‘There’s been so much speculation about Kanye and his flirting.

‘She knows it’s innocent, but no matter how many times Kanye tells her he loves her whatever she looks like, it’s made her determined to look her best.’

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