But reality star hasn't had plastic surgery

Kim Kardashian has revealed that she’s tried Botox – even though she’s only in her twenties.

The reality star had the wrinkle-smoothing injection around her eyes.

‘I’ve tried Botox before,’ says Kim. ‘That’s the only thing that I’ve done.’

But Kim, 29, has rubbished rumours she’s had plastic surgery on her bum and nose.

‘[I’ve had] no butt implants, no injections or anything to my butt,’ she tells US show Nightline.

‘I’ve never had my nose done… It’s my biggest insecurity. I always want to get my nose done… I went to the doctor, I had them take the pictures, he showed me what it would look like and it just didn’t – I wouldn’t look the same.’

Sister Kourtney, 30, has admitted to having a boob job, though.

‘I have had breast implants,’ she says. ‘But it’s so funny because it’s not a secret, I could care less.’

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