Reality star will start a family within next 5 years

Kim Kardashian is looking forward to becoming a mum. 

The reality star has been feeling broody since sister Kourtney, 30, gave birth to son Mason in December.

‘I definitely want kids in the next five years,’ Kim, 29, tells Now.

Mason‘s just the cutest baby in the entire world – he’s so adorable. It’s made me want kids. I’d like to have four, so I’ll need to get going soon.

‘I love being part of a huge family and I want my kids to experience that, too.’

Kim plans to continue the Kardashian tradition of having all her daughters’ names start with ‘K’.

‘My mum always wanted us all to start with the same letter and because she’s a K, she called my sister a K and kept going,’ she explains.

‘I think I’ll definitely have my girls as Ks and the boys as the same initial as my husband.’

Kim no doubt dreamt of being mum to Cyrus, Curt, Cruz and Cory Ronaldo after smooching with Cristiano Ronaldo, 25, in Spain last month – but now the Real Madrid star’s moved on to a Russian model.

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