No longer breaking the bank with her bling

With her recent social media comeback seeing her reclaim the throne as queen of everything online, Kim Kardashian has given her all into starting afresh.

Though her picture posts on Twitter have largely revolved around her children and husband, Kanye West, she’s had a return to her old self with some cheeky posts on Snapchat, using filters and silly faces.

And it was through this form of social media that fans picked up on a major promise she made after she was robbed in Paris – a commitment to stop wearing expensive jewellery.

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Following her traumatic ordeal in October 2016, in which she was tied up, gagged, and robbed of €9m (£7.8m) worth of jewellery, Kim is said to have made a vow to stop showing her most expensive wares on social media.

‘Material things mean nothing,’ she allegedly told sources at the time. ‘It’s not all about the money…It’s not worth it.’

And in a recent Snapchat, she’s shown that she’s a woman of her word – as a recent snap shows her wearing much more affordable bling…

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The close-up shot shows Kim’s neck adorned with a gold chain, and a pendant bearing the word ‘Calabasas’ – a clear shoutout to her affluent California hometown.

And luckily for her, it didn’t break the bank – as the necklace costs a relatively affordable $500 – £413! A big difference from the millions she loved before.

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According to TMZ, the necklace is a custom-built piece for XIV Karats, and 36-year-old Kim is clearly quite a fan – the necklace has made an appearance in a number of her recent pics.

Glad to see she’s putting all the drama firmly behind her!