A very rare insight into the Kardashian-West family photo album...

Remember the good ol’ days when we were young and naive and took Kim Kardashian breaking the internet for granted?! Ah, how easy did we have it…

It’s now been YONKS since we’ve been treated to a Kim-K-internet-break, with the mother of two still yet to hit up her official Instagram account despite all 89million of us tapping away impatiently at out feet.

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And, do ‘ya wanna know the saddest thing? We think we’ve even forgotten what a Kim-K-Internet-Break even feels like. Yup, it’s been that long since seeing a good ol’ nude selfie from the Queen of nakedness. *Stifles sob*.

✨ golden ✨

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However, it would appear that Kim and her husband Kanye are slowly (but surely) making their very welcome way back onto the interweb…

Okay, no-one get excited. The internet is still to be re-broken by Kim, that one will have to wait. HOWEVER, we have the next best thing- the first family selfie from the Kardashian-West’s in forever!

Putting on a united front against all those divorce rumours, Yeezy had taken to Twitter yesterday to post a snap of himself and his entire brood- a very rare insight into the Kardashian-West family photo album.

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Posing in front of a giant Crimbo tree, Kanye simply captions the snap ‘Happy Holidays‘. And whats this, Kanye… gold hair?! Interesting… V. v. interesting.

We’re so glad to see the entire family looking to be in good spirits, after what has been a very tumultuous few months to say the least.

Following Kim’s incredibly shocking armed robbery during Paris Fashion Week (which had left the mother understandably traumatised, and vowing to no longer partake in any aspect of celebrity life), Kanye was later hospitalized following a nervous breakdown which forced him to cancel the remaining dates of his world tour.

Very recently, the couple have been subject to much speculation over the status of their marriage- especially after Kim had chosen to ditch her wedding ring over the festive period.

However, it looks like they’re both back on top form, gold hair and all!

Alice Perry