If there are any kids who will be used to the limelight, it’s the children of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – Saint, North, Psalm and Chicago. 

Since the birth of North back in 2013, all four children have pretty much always been in the public eye, thanks to their famous parents and, of course, to mum Kim sharing plenty of pictures of them on social media – and the latest snap of North is fuelling some controversy. 

Kim Kardashian and North West

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This particular picture has caused trolls to mum-shame Kim. It’s a holiday snap posted on her Instagram in which she is linking pinky fingers with her eldest daughter North, with the caption: “Pinky swear we’re besties for life!!!”. 


The picture is pretty adorable, and did get plenty of support, with sister Khloe writing: “You two are amazing!!!! Besties for life,” and actress LaLa Anthony writing: “Awwwwww. Besties”. 

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Pinky swear we’re besties for life!!!

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This all seems pretty reasonable, except for the fact that North is wearing huge hoop earrings – and people aren’t happy about it. 

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Plenty of people took to Instagram to comment on the size of North’s earrings. One indignant fan wrote: “Kim ur letting ur daughter wear hoops that big what the helll….she has grow up to fast…”; while another said “Wow!!! Sad!!! That little girl will never be a little girl.”

A third had quite a lot to say on the subject, posting: “So cute but my daughter WOULD NEVER be wearing those big hoop earring at such a young age. Come on mama keep your baby girl humble! Some beautiful diamond stubs fit so much better on a young girl.”

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There were some fans of Kim who jumped to her defence, with one user writing: “All these people commenting on a pair of earrings. Since you were searching for some detail to jump on in this pic, how about the way North is looking at Kim. That is unconditional trust, love, and admiration right there!”

Another one said: “People hate so much that North is wearing hoops. Like are you the mother? No. Let Kim decide what she can and can’t wear. North is her daughter anyway. She looks super cute and sassy!"

It might all be a bit of an overreaction, seeing as Khloe seems to be wearing the exact same earrings in another Instagram post – so North was probably just trying them on and playing dress up.

Let's all calm down now…

Words by Caitlin Butler.