"You know, you're about to die"

Kim Kardashian has shared more shocking details of the moment she was tied up and held at gunpoint during an armed robbery in Paris in 2016.

Kim Kardashian

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During an episode of E! True Hollywood Story focussing on her life in the spotlight, Kim opened up about the terrifying moment that she says changed her life forever.

During a trip to the French city for Paris Fashion Week, the reality mega star was tied up and gagged by five masked men while being held at gunpoint before they stole £8.5 million worth of her jewellery.

She explained, “Right as I was about to fall asleep, I heard guys running up the stairs. They wanted my ring and my jewellery, so I didn’t fight back. I just gave them everything and they tied me up.


Kim Kardashian

Credit: Getty

“They wrapped duct tape over my eyes and my mouth. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever been through in my entire life, just thinking that, you know, you’re about to die.”

Detailing how the horrific experience entirely changed her, Kim added, “You’re just kind of bracing yourself for the moment that they’re going to shoot you and kill you. That 10 minutes really changed my whole life.

“That moment. It’s truly the scariest experience. You can’t even describe how scary it is.

“There’s those moments in your life that really change you and shake you to your core, and my robbery was definitely that moment for me.”

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After the crime, Kim flew back to the US in her private jet where husband Kanye West cancelled his show at Meadows Festival in New York mid performance on the basis of a “family emergency”.

Speaking about the harrowing time, the rapper said, “There are a lot of thoughts running through my head related to that time, and I don’t like to watch those movies.”

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Mum-of-four Kim admitted she is now much more private and careful when it comes to sharing her life and never posts things happening in “real time” for her huge social media following.

“Material things used to be so important to me. But there is nothing material that is important to me [now],” she said.