Oh dear, poor Kim!

As pregnancies go, Kim Kardashian‘s sounds unpleasant. Nine months into her pregnancy, she has complained about suffering a whole host of symptoms, including the dreaded ‘cankle’ effect. Oh Kim – we love your honesty!

Writing on her blog kimkardashianwest.com, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star wrote that she felt ‘fat as f***‘ due to her pregnancy weight gain. She also confessed that she had been ‘craving Lay’s Barbecue potato chips.’


Unafraid to branch into the more unglamorous aspects of her pregnancy appearance, she lamented: ‘my cankles are out of control!’ For anyone in need of a recap, cankles, a term first popularised in Friends when Ross accused Rachel of having them, are when a woman’s ankles merge with their calves. While we’re sure poor Kim is being too hard on herself, we don’t know how the reality star has stayed in those sky-high heels for most of her pregnancy. She was photographed wearing them just last month!

Not only is Kim finding her weight gain difficult, she also – like many mothers-to-be – is having serious problems getting some zzz: ‘I hardly sleep at all!’ Ohh Kim – we just want to give you a big hug. At least the sleepless nights might provide a good opportunity to think up a good name for her unborn son. Speaking of the baby name dilemma, she says: ‘[I dislike] all baby names I am hearing. We need to think of a good name. This is so hard.’ We see her problem – what could match up to North?

With her due date predicted around Christmas time, Kim has not long to go before she is reunited with her new son. We hope she can get some well-deserved rest beforehand!

Francesca Specter/@ChezSpecter