Things aren’t getting any easier for Kim…

It’s been a harrowing three months for Kim Kardashian.

Just weeks after a horrific ordeal in October, during which she was tied up and robbed at gun point in a Paris hotel, her husband Kanye West was sectioned following a suspected psychotic breakdown.

Kim, 36, took herself off of social media after the attack, but returned to celebrate the New Year this week with some cute snaps of her family – and also revealed she’s suffering from a facial condition.

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She tweeted: ‘Wait why am I now getting psoriasis on my face?’

Reality TV star Kim was immediately inundated with concerned messages from her loyal fans – who call themselves the Dash Dolls – who offered advice and reminded her that she’s ‘beautiful no matter what’.

The mother-of-two has never hidden her condition, and has confessed on more than one occasion that she thinks the psoriasis is her biggest flaw.

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Last year Kim explained: ‘I don’t even really try to cover it that much any more. Sometimes I just feel like it’s my big flaw and everyone knows about it, so why cover it?’

Kim added: ‘Everyone with psoriasis has different symptoms; sometimes the rashes are itchy, sometimes they’re flaky. Mine flares up from time to time for different reasons. I’m always hoping for a cure, of course, but in the meantime, I’m learning to just accept it part of who I am.’

Taking to Twitter, some fans tweeted their joy at Kim’s social media return – with one writing: ‘She’s back!!! She’s really back!!!’

Another said: ‘I really cried when I seen that @KimKardashian put a post on Instagram. Like I missed her.’

Clearly touched, Kim responded: ‘Awww I missed you guys!’