Jen Selter is giving Kim Kardashian some serious bottom competition. Oh, and Jen's mum is pretty incredible too!

We are literally glued to our screens staring at these pics of Kim Kardashian’s latest bum-rival, Jen Selter.

Seriously. STOP. THE. PRESS. Things just got hawt in here.

Why? Because 21-year-old internet sensation Jen Selter is literally forcing us to chuck on our trainers and whack out some serious squats, sit-ups AND lunges. Yup, her body is phenomenal. With a capital P.

Check out these 12 photos if you don’t believe us…

Jen is definitely one of those got-it-flaunt-it type of gals. The fitness-lover regularly takes to Instagram, uploading snaps of her perfectly toned body and blimmin’ amazing derriere. In fact, she’s been hailed the Belfie Queen of Instagram. Soz Kim Kardashian but you’ve got major competition now.

With over five million followers, Jen is motivating more and more people to hit the gym hardcore, including her own mum.

Jen’s ma, Jill Selter, also rocks a mind-blowing physique and the 47-year-old is actually trained by Jen to maintain her hot figure.

This is her…


Quite simply, y’know how males have a tendency to use the word MILF when describing a fit mum? Yeah, well Jill pretty much matches that description to a tee.

Check out this pic of Jen and Jill in Miami. What beauts!


Anyhow, we can’t help wondering what the Kardashian sisters think about their biggest bum-rival to date. After all, they’re renowned for their excessively curvy derrieres.

Jen accompanies several of her snaps with fitness-inspired hashtags including; #MondayMotivation, #SquatLife and #WorkThatBootyGirls.

She also posts motivational captions such as:

‘Wake up every morning and do your best to follow this daily to-do list:
 1.Think positiv;.
 2.Eat healthy;
 4.Worry less; 
5.Work hard; 6.Sleep well; 

Well, quite frankly, if this is what Jen does to look THAT good, we’re in!

Now that we’ve finally torn our eyes away from these incredible snaps, scuse’ us whilst we hunt down our never-been-worn-before sports bra.

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Lucy Gornall