She's supposed to be enjoying her pregnancy but Kim Kardashian's ex Kris Humphries just won't go away

She has the man and now the baby on the way, so things couldn’t be looking rosier for Kim Kardashian right now.

But unfortunately for the reality TV star, 32, who’s expecting her first child with rapper Kanye West, there’s an annoying fly in the ointment: her ex Kris Humphries, who she’s still technically married to.

Now has learnt that Kanye, 35, is keen to tie the knot before their baby’s birth and the only thing standing in their way is Kim’s estranged husband, who they believe is intent on making divorce proceedings as difficult as possible.

A source says: ‘Kanye’s dad Ray is a staunch Christian and desperately wants his grandchild to be born in wedlock.

‘But Kris is planning to get both Kanye and Kim to testify publicly in the divorce hearings so that their marriage can end in annulment rather than divorce, which could take months.’

Kris, 27, alleges Kim and Kanye were in a relationship before their marriage broke down and maintains the marriage was fraudulent from day one – a claim they strongly deny.

Kris and Kim wed in September 2011, but it lasted 72 days.

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