Momager Kris needs to back off Kendall Jenner's rumoured man

As both mother and manager to all five of her girls, it’s Kris Jenner‘s job to be involved in her daughters’ lives.

But it appears the Kardashian matriarch is taking it a little too far lately.

Following reports last week that she’s having a ‘mini breakdown’ as her children continue to fly the nest and do their own thing, it seems the ‘momager’ is beginning to spiral out of control.

Accompanying Kendall Jenner on a photoshoot for Vogue in LA on Friday where she was being photographed with model Gigi Hadid, our source on set told us the 19-year-old model is tiring of her pushy parent a little.

The source said: ‘After living in her sisters’ shadows on the reality show for so many years, Kendall is enjoying her newfound independence as she makes headlines away from the drama that surrounds her family and in the modelling world. She arrived at the shoot directly from the airport after a successful solo trip walking at London and Milan fashion weeks and seemed a bit unsettled to find her mom was already waiting on set.’

Things however become slightly embarassing when Kendall’s rumoured beau Justin Bieber paid his friend a surprise visit on set.

‘Kris was all over Justin like a rash from the second he arrived, which Kendall didn’t seem too pleased with,’ says our source. ‘She kept asking him for selfies and cosying up close to him, despite the fact he just waited to catch up with Kendall.’

Embarrassing mum alert!

Just weeks before this Kris also shared a snap of her and the Biebz while gushing how much she ‘loves him’ after he gave her a pair of sunglasses to borrow.

As Kendall now makes waves in the modelling world and 17-year-old Kylie Jenner prepares to move out of her mum’s $4 million mansion, is it time for Kris to step back and let her children stand on their own two feet?

After all, they’re no longer (baby baby) babies, ohhh! 

Maybe she could focus on her romantic relationship with Justin’s 33-year-old road manager Corey Gamble instead…

Side note: Please appreciate the Bieber song reference two sentences above. 

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