Becks wants to buy a Miami hotel and store for VB - but Kim Kardashian isn't happy

Kim Kardashian‘s always spoken of her admiration for Victoria Beckham – with the pair even having a double date at 2013’s Paris Fashion Week.

But what looked like the start of a beautiful friendship is now set to turn into 2014’s biggest rivalry – because Kim‘s heard Posh, 39, is planning to move in on her turf!

Now can reveal that Victoria‘s hubby David, 38, is looking into getting her a boutique hotel and flagship store as part of a development deal if he buys a Miami soccer team.

Although it’ll come as fantastic news to Posh, Kim, 33, is said to be less than pleased – as she considers Miami her dominion.

David has been in negotiations to start up his own Major League Soccer team in Miami and has spent months getting investors.

It’s a move Posh is said to be less keen about as it could mean David, spending up to two weeks a month out there to get it started – while she sets up their new £40 million home in Kensington, London.

But it’s thought David is looking at a way to sweeten the deal for Victoria. For as well as getting investors to build a potential stadium, he’s also hoping to get them to OK a small boutique hotel and a large fashion store – they would be gifts that should make VB very happy indeed.

A source close to David reveals: ‘It’s his big dream to own a football club but he wants to make sure Victoria is happy as well. This will be the perfect solution – and Victoria will love it.

‘She will have a huge fashion presence in Miami and another project in the shape of the small hotel, which will be fantastic for Brand Beckham. It’s not a done deal, but there are some very exciting talks.’

A Miami store would be a major coup for Posh, who’s determined to start expanding her fashion realm.

She’s opening her first central London store early in 2014, has spoken out about launching branches in China and has just acquired new offices in New York, which could see her spend more time there – and lead to a possible store as well.

She’s also diversified her fashion line. Last year, she launched Victoria – a more reasonably priced line.

Unsurprisingly, competitive Kim is none too happy about these developments, particularly the fact that Vic looks set to have Miami as the location for her first major US store.

Despite previously saying in 2011: ‘I love Victoria Beckham and what she’s done with her clothing line and handbags and sunglasses,’ Kim wants to match Posh in her fashion successes and believes this goal will be harder if VB expands into Miami.

Handbags at dawn, anyone?

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