Afternoon massages, singing in French and a personal pianist...

Kim Kardashian might like us to believe that she is the Queen of the ‘unmumsy’ mum brigade, but, while she’s bleating about 4am night feeds our well placed Kardashian source tells us that she’s not quite like any other new mum.

‘She has two night nurses who do the night feeds with breast milk that Kim has expressed and only occasionally does Kim do the night feed.’ Plus, they add; ‘There is always a nurse on duty during the day and two nannies.

‘Saint has quite the regime: After being fed, one nanny sings to him in French and then does special massages for him with African oils that cost $400 an oz. She then reads him stories in French and English. The stories are all screened by Kanye to make sure they promote diversity and courage! The nannies take him for walks but are told they must always vary the path to expose Saint to a variety of sounds, smells and sights.’

And as if that wasn’t enough, the afternoon massage is done with French cream that costs $500 a tube. Yep, you read that right. Pick your jaws back up, there’s more for this little Prince. Our source adds; ‘In between naps the nurse does tummy time with Saint, putting him on his tummy to supervise his stretching and muscle development. She must also record every poop he makes, writing down the colour, aroma and weight of the poop in a special poop book! The book, made of fine linen from Indonesian wood is inscribed: Saint’s body moments! In the afternoon a pianist comes over and plays Saint Vivaldi and Bethoven, and he also listens to birdsong. One of the nannies also touches him with a variety of colored fabrics to heighten his sense of touch!

‘Even though Kim, 35, is more relaxed about eight week old Saint since he is her second baby, Kanye, 38, is a bit more obsessive because he is a boy, and calls him King Saint. I think they must be spending more on Saint’s early care than even North’s, maybe about $100,000 a month just for help.’