Things are starting to look rocky at casa Kimye over Kanye West’s newly single ex

There’s nothing like an ex reappearing in your life to throw everything into chaos, and no one knows that better than Kim Kardashian right now.

Since her husband Kanye West‘s former girlfriend Amber Rose announced her marriage split from rapper Wiz Khalifa, insiders say she hasn’t just been back in touch with Kanye – who she dated for two years until 2010 – but is ‘obsessed’ with winning him back from ‘the woman who stole him’.

Amber, 31, has been off the market since 2011, but now she’s single again insiders say she’s determined to win back her ‘soul mate’ and the ‘love of her life’. ‘Amber’s convinced she and Kanye belong together and it’s only a matter of time before he sees the light and walks away from Kim,’ says a source.

‘She’s been sending him texts and emails and making public moves like posting that butt selfie on her Instagram page.’

The pic in question (in the gallery above) features Amber in an identical pose to Kim’s famous white swimsuit shot and sparked headlines about Amber’s ‘dig’ at Kim, with some US sites even accusing her of using her ample booty ‘to steal Kanye’.

However, insiders say it’s Amber who feels copied after Kim made numerous appearances in outfits she’d already worn. In fact, Kim, 34, was said to be ‘furious’ two weeks ago after finding out her latest daring look of faded cropped jeans and a cutaway white top had already been debuted by Amber only a month before.

‘Kim gets a lot of style advice from Kanye, who’s obviously also influenced Amber’s style,’ says the source. ‘It drives Kim mad that she ends up dressed like his ex, especially now that Amber’s so blatantly trying to get him back.’

Kim and Amber also share the same birthday and Amber has been upping her sexy selfies – just like Kim’s – in recent weeks.

‘Amber wanted to make sure it wasn’t just Kim who Kanye was thinking about on 21 October,’ adds Now’s insider.

‘She still has feelings for Wiz, but there’s a reason they split. She genuinely believes Kanye is the man she’s meant to be with and that they only broke up because Kim came along.’

It’s not the first time Amber and Kim have warred over the 37-year-old rapper. In 2012, Amber branded Kim a ‘homewrecker’, adding that she was ‘one of the main reasons why me and Kanye are not together’. Amber also said of Kim: ‘She was sending pictures and I was like: “Kim, just stop. Don’t be that person.” I thought at least she’d be woman enough to respond to me. She never did.’

Whatever the circumstances, insiders say Kim, who married Kanye in May and has 16-month-old daughter North with him, is ‘losing it’ over Amber’s brazen play for her husband. ‘Kim’s begged Kanye to stay away from his ex, but he gets angry with her, accusing her of not trusting him. They had a huge fight about it, with Kim threatening to leave him if he speaks to Amber again. She’s demanding he block her calls,’ says our source.

‘Kim knows she’s making it worse by reacting, but she can’t help it. She’s extremely threatened by Amber – and with good reason. Kanye was madly in love with her at one point.’

Can everyone just try to remember this is Kanye West these gals are fighting over? The guy wears leather skirts!

Read the full story about Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose in this week’s Now magazine dated 10 November 2014 – download the digital edition now!

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