Some serious selfie politics going on right here

Quick – who’s the first celebrity that comes to mind when you think of the word ‘selfie’?

There’s a strong chance that plenty of people reading this will be thinking of one Kim Kardashian, a woman who’s so devoted to the art of taking a picture of the self that she released an entire book filled with nothing but, back in 2015.

However, her most recent foray into selfie-dom has attracted some annoyed responses from fans – for the most technical of reasons…

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June 21st marked ‘National Selfie Day’, a whole 24 hour window when Americans – and, pretty much anyone else around the world – are encouraged to take a little snapshot of themselves and share it with the world. Being one of the people most responsible for the trend itself, Kim K of course decided to join in:

Wait u didn't think I would forget about National Selfie Day! DUH

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‘Wait u didn’t think I would forget about National Selfie Day! DUH’, she wrote alongside the post, having waited until the late evening to make her contribution. And, in true Kim style, she’s done it in her very own way – by just showing off a LOT of her body in knickers and a bustier crop top.

Although there are plenty of comments in appreciation of her curvy contribution (think plenty of heart-eye emojis), many fans have instead aired their annoyances at her violating the selfie code of conduct – by not having her face in the shot at all.

‘This so does not count as a selfie’ writes one, while another particularly salty commenter remarks: ‘It’s national Selfie day, not National self-objectification day’.

Kim Kardashian selfie hater 4 Kim Kardashian selfie hater 3 Kim Kardashian selfie hater 2 Kim Kardashian selfie hater 1GIF kim kardashian rolling eyes

Yet, plenty of her fans have argued that while we can’t see Kim’s face, it is still a qualifies if she took it herself. To settle this urgent debate on behalf of the warring fans, Now sought a definition from the Oxford Dictionary (watch out for the subtle judgement at the end!):

Selfie: ‘A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media: occasional selfies are acceptable, but posting a new picture of yourself every day isn’t necessary.’

So there we have it, folks – a selfie doesn’t technically need to have one’s face in it, but must at least be taken by the person in the picture.

We’ll rest easily tonight, safe in that vital piece of knowledge.