Pregnant star, Kim Kardashian, finds a text from husband, Kanye West ex on his phone

Pregnant with her second child, Kim Kardashian is understandably feeling the strain as she juggles her jet-set lifestyle with being a mum to daughter North, two.

And while she’s previously praised her husband Kanye West for his support, there could be trouble in paradise after she found a text on his phone from an ex-girlfriend.

A source tells Now: ‘Kim went ballistic and accused him of cheating on her.’ Kanye, 38, categorically denied it. ‘Kim was so wound up she burst into tears and stormed out,’ the source adds.

The ex in question, Sumeke Rainey, dated Kanye before he was famous. According to those close to the couple, they were deeply in love. ‘Kanye still has a soft spot for her,’ says a long-time pal. ‘They were engaged and talked about where they’d live, how many kids, the lot.


When Kanye’s mom Donda died in 2007, Sumeke was one of the first to reach out to him. She was very close to Donda, who treated her like a daughter.

‘Kanye still calls Sumeke every 2 July on the anniversary of her dad Charles’s death. He promised Charles in 2001 he’d marry her and feels bad he broke that promise. But things fizzled out and she let Kanye go.

She’s now happily married and lives in Chicago, but won’t hear a bad word about him.’Although Sumeke’s texts to Kanye were innocent, in Kim’s mind they were bordering on flirtatious.

A source says: ‘Kim’s hormonal due to her pregnancy and self-conscious about her body. She’s feeling vulnerable.’

Highlighting the recent strain in their relationship, when Kanye accepted his MTV VMAs gong on 30 August he didn’t even mention Kim, 34. Now, despite there being no evidence that it’s the case, Kim fears Sumeke’s trying to lure him away.

The pal says: ‘Kim and Sumeke have never met and don’t want to, although Kanye offered to introduce them. Sumeke was his first true love and Kim wouldn’t be Kim if she wasn’t a bit intimidated by that.’