BLOG: Now's Sarah Tetteh is making a stand and from one mum to another is telling Kim Kardashian that she desperately needs to slow down

She’s been pictured rubbing her aches and pains away as she jets off on another work trip, this time to St Barts with her sisters.

But Kim Kardashian desperately needs to slow down and stop trying to keep up with the rest of the Klan as it looks like Kim is beginning to experience yet another difficult pregnancy. She’s flown from Paris, to the States and now to  St Barts in the space of three weeks,  and that is sure to take it’s toll on anyone, not to mention the pregnant traveller!

With rumours of her water retention returning, Kim needs to relax, put her feet up, and eat well. In fact she should eat whatever she wants and not stress about dieting and crazy-hard hikes with her brother Rob.

Everyone will admit that Kim Kardashian looks amazing during her second pregnancy, but at what cost is this glamourous jet-set lifestyle to her health and ultimately the long-awaited baby she is carrying?

Kim is a doting mother and having a healthy pregnancy needs to be top of her list, not her vanity.

Every pregnancy is different and when I was expecting, the last thing I wanted to do was to be reaching for the latest red lippy, it was more about reaching for the sick bucket. Taxi!

And flying non-stop was out of the question too, especially getting to her last trimester, the risks associated with flying for a pregnant traveller can be higher and you should consult your doctor first.

I took the opportunity to relax my diet and indulge in the sweet-treats I liked, because you are eating for two after all, and you can blame any excess pounds on the baby bump. Why not, it’s your cart blanche to go for it. You can always (well, try to) lose weight afterwards.

Yes for Kim it’s important for her to keep up with the latest trends, especially as she’s in danger of being overshadowed by her lookalike little sister Kylie Jenner, who has the most followers on Instagram.

Yes, she is an extremely successful businesswoman, who is determined to work right through her pregnancy and juggle filming for E!s Keeping Up With The Kardashians, with her book signings, and not to mention being a mother to North West, and wife to Kanye.

But Phew, Kim, slow down.

It’s exhausting just reeling off the list of things she has to do.

If only for nine months, take a little time off and feel well. The rat race will still be there on your return. Trust me.

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