Kim Kardashian adopts her sister Kourtney's pregnancy diet plan to avoid weight gain 5st again!

It wasn¹t so long ago that Kim Kardashian revealed she hit the lowest point in her life when pregnant with baby North, as she’d gained 5st and faced ridicule from internet trolls. So it¹s hardly surprising Kim’s determined to keep her weight in check during her second pregnancy.

Kim, 34, who announced she was pregnant with a longed-for baby earlier this month, has enlisted help to ensure she stays healthy in the next six months. ‘She has Kourtney as her personal motivator and Tracy Anderson as her personal trainer,’ says a source. ‘Tracy will be making her follow The Pregnancy Project series and has invited her friend Gwyneth Paltrow to provide
motivational support for Kim too, as well as personal recipes she used to stay lean during her pregnancies.’

Kourtney, 36, who gave birth to son Reign in December, lost just over 2st of baby weight in four months, which our source reveals is Kim’s goal too.

Kim made no secret of how unhappy she was with her pregnancy body first time around. ‘I looked fat,’ she recalls. ‘I’d think God was doing it for a reason. He was saying: “Kim, you think you’re so hot, but look what I can do to you.”‘

But her pregnancy diet sounds pretty strict. Our source says: ‘Kim plans on eating a modified paleo diet, which consists of wholegrains, no white refined wheat, minimal amounts of cheese, no-hormone meats, GM-free veggies and fish, cooking with coconut oil and non-dairy ice cream as a treat.’

But she’s determined to stay healthy, resist fast food cravings and focus on family time. ‘Kourtney told Kim that stress in the household is the No 1 obstacle to healthy eating,’ adds our source. ‘Kourt is getting North and Kim ready for what lies ahead with multiple young ones in the household ­ North’s been hanging out with her cousins, learning how to share.’ North will certainly make a fierce big sister soon!

Kelly Allen