But others thought it was 'cute'...

Kim Kardashian recently shared an adorable video of the Kardashian Jenner kids playing together, but eagle-eyed fans noticed an odd detail on Chicago’s jumper.

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In the short clip, the one-year-old is surrounded by her cousins while wearing what seems a simple grey hoodie.

However, in closer inspection, the hoodie has the print of an iconic picture of Kim and North where the two are seen wearing fur (or faux fur) coats.


Alongside a close up on Chicago and the original picture, the KarJenner fan who spotted it wrote, ‘omg Chicago’s sweater is embroidered with Kim and North on it’.

Some fans thought the personal touch was ‘cute’, with one saying, ‘So sweet I wish I had one too’.

Another wrote, ‘This is so cute’.

However, others weren’t so keen on the design, with one fan calling it creepy. Another wrote, ‘That’s conceited asf [as f**k]’.

Despite often sharing glimpses of her personal life on social media, the reality TV star has revealed she’s now being more ‘cautious’.

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During her speech as keynote speaker at the 23rd World Congress on Information Technology convention, she said, “I think at the beginning, I didn’t know what the word ‘privacy’ really meant. I was very okay with people knowing every detail of my life.

“As you get older and you have kids, and you realize you do want to value some privacy, I figured out a really good balance of sharing what I want to share.”

“There definitely is oversharing, especially when safety can be a factor when there’s so many eyes on you. I learned firsthand that if you share too much, it can be a little bit dangerous at times.

“I move really cautiously now that I have kids, but I still love to be open and honest and that’s who I am… that’s my brand.

“There is a way to have both and to share, but not feel like your whole life is being used just for social media. You do have to have balance.”